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About Us

Families Helping Families

Costa Ricans are resilient, hardworking people. The pandemic has had a devastating socioeconomic effect on their country and their economy. With no help provided from their government, Tico families are struggling and you can help.

 Every single purchase from The Costa Rica Shop supports Costa Rican communities in need. 100% of the proceeds from The Costa Rica Shop’s sales are donated to Costa Rican individuals and families that have been negatively affected by the pandemic.

A Call to Action

The Costa Rican Shop was created by Costa Ricans and North Americans wanting to make a difference. Adventure Tours Costa Rica has been a staple in the Jaco city center and a leading business in local tourism for over fifteen years.

 Most Costa Ricans live simply and below the poverty line. The vast majority of their income comes directly from the tourism industry specifically from Canadian and US tourists. When the pandemic hit in early 2020 and the tourists stopped coming into the country, so did the money.  Every aspect of life for Ticos has been affected by the collapse in tourism.

 We started The Costa Rica Shop to help the Costa Rican community that has been so hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Our custom created souvenirs are meant to provide a great reminder of the unique beauty of Costa Rica and the fun that tourists have had there in the past, while generating funds that will be distributed right back to the local community members that have been gravely affected by the abrupt change in the tourist economy.

Fast Facts About the Costa Rican Economy

Did You Know?

The INEC reported that “Some 62% of hotel and restaurant workers have seen their jobs affected by the economic crisis.”

  •   The average middle-class salary in Costa Rica is about $750.00 or $187.50 per week.
  •  In smaller communities, the monthly income drops to $450.00 or $112.50 per week. 
The unemployment rate in Costa Rica hit 24% in 2020.
This is the highest in the country’s history.

Specific sectors in the Costa Rican economy that have seen the strongest levels of unemployment are related to tourism including transportation, food service, hotels, tour operators, restaurants, personal services, and small businesses.